News from the Hospital- Christmas Party 2020

The Hospital Socorro de lo Alto has as a custom since 1999 to hold a Christmas dinner for all the staff and to deliver a basket with food for each staff person to take home. This is a joy to celebrate together and is a large help to each family.

But this year, 2020, was a very particular year. The Administration and the Hospital Board met to discuss the current financial situation and the decision was made to not hold the Christmas Party or give the food baskets because there were not sufficient funds.

We sent this decision to Miss Mary Kinsey, as she is always aware of every activity of the Hospital.  But two Nurses who never give up said that they would pray a lot and that God would provide the money for that feast and that by Faith in God that feast would take place.

Suddenly we got an email saying there was a donation so we could celebrate the Christmas party.  God is Good and Real.

Thanks to their donation we had a party with everything we needed, where we also used safety measures, and each of the employees took the basket to their homes and also had a chicken on Christmas Day that we enjoyed with our families.

All the personnel who work at the Hospital deeply thank all the people who made their donation, the Leaders and Members of the Teams of the American Medical Brigades from the United States. They were able to give us a Christmas Party and an immense Joy for everything we receive.

Thank you.  May our Infinite God reward you. It’s a very beautiful gesture on your part. We love them very much and we miss them too.

God continue to Bless You.

Happy Year 2021. From all of us at the Hospital.

Written by Noemi Santos- Hospital Administrator.