Oct 7 2020

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Del 20 al 29 de Octubre 2020  

Jul 17 2020

July 17, 2020- COVID-19 Update

“We have to take care of our people.” So much has happened since March, 2020, when the teams were cancelled, Honduras and the USA closed their borders and the Hospital was pushed into a new mode of operation. Instead of having busy spring and summer months with teams coming regularly, the staff was focused on…

May 12 2020

COVID-19 and the Hospital: Update

Covid-19 has had a large impact on the Hospital Socorro de lo Alto, as well as the community and country of Honduras. Honduras, like the USA, went on lockdown, effectively stopping all travel in and out of the country. Our executive director was at the Hospital in March and it took her 2+ weeks before…

May 12 2020

News from the Hospital

There are so many plans on the drawing board for the Hospital. A roofing team was to go in July, 2020 with all donated supplies, and put a much needed new, more energy efficient roof on the hospital. There are plans to renovate the clinic- additional exam rooms, an ophthalmology exam room, ENT exam room…

May 12 2020

Team in Focus

Beginning in 1980, the first surgical team made up of Dr. Kinsey, Mary Kinsey, RN and Charles Rutter, CRNA made its way to Honduras. Missionary Bobby Bowman, based in Sula where the present day hospital is located, assisted Dr. Kinsey and Ruth Bowman prepared meals for the team. The team used an 8-bed facility with…

May 12 2020

Staff in Focus

The medical staff at the category II Hospital is strong and committed. With 3 medical doctors and 18 nurses, there is 24/7 coverage. We are blessed to have a wonderful nursing staff that covers all areas of patient care. The staff turnover is low as the Hospital offers stable employment in the community, as well…
October 2020