Aug 20 2023

The X-ray department gets a MAJOR facelift.

The past months have brought many changes to the hospital as each department has undergone updates to bring them up to government health standards. One of these departments that has had mandates met is the X-ray department. There have been many changes over the years, going from the “wet-read” process where freshly developed, wet X-rays…

Aug 18 2023

Nursing Graduation- A CELEBRATION for everyone!!!!

In December 2022, the nursing school in Sula, founded by our wonderful head of nursing at the hospital, Lic. Ana Garcia, R.N., graduated a new class of nurses. Lic. Ana tells the story in her own words. It’s well worth the read, even though it is longer than a typical blog!!!! “The second promotion graduated…

Aug 8 2023

July 2023 Mountain Ministry Dental Team

We have just returned from our latest dental mission in Honduras.  Although this mission was quite challenging, and we had to make some adjustments, we were successful in helping many patients in the clinic and saw around 300 children in the schools where they received dental hygiene instruction and had fluoride applied, as well as…

Sep 3 2022

2022 Village Health Fair

Since 2014, Hospital Socorro de lo Alto has been taking health to the surrounding village in Honduras. On August 23, 2022, a very successful Village Salud (Health) Fair was held. Half of the Hospital staff participated and all the services provided were free to those who came. In one day, the doctors and nurses provided…

Apr 26 2022

Supplies needed!!

During this time of Covid as American teams are unable to travel to Honduras, the Hospital Socorro de lo Alto is ramping up local Honduran surgical brigades.  However, operating room supplies are running short. We are actively collecting materials stateside from hospital and clinics.  These supplies are unused and would be headed for the the…

Feb 21 2022

January Teams Returned!

In January 2022, the 2 Wilson teams were able to return to Hospital Socorro de lo Alto for the first time in 2 years. It had been 2 years of no teams being able to go to the hospital. It was wonderful to be back with our dear friends at the hospital and the patients…

2 New Physicians starting at the hospital

The hospital announces the addition of 2 new doctors who will be providing care at Hosptial Socorro de lo Alto. Dr. German Melgar, a gynecologist and obstetrician, and Dr. Jose Salgado, an internal medicine doctor. WELCOME!!!  

Dec 1 2021

School of Nursing Graduation 2021

2021 brought another milestone for the School of Nursing in Sula which is run by the Hospital’s Head of Nursing, Dona Ana Yaneth Garcia Hernandez. Dona Ana tells the story of the school: “The school of nursing was born in 2017 offering the course of nursing assistants. We currently have 4 promotions: in 2018 the…

Nov 22 2021

Pushing toward the goal of a new van

We have been chosen to receive a generous grant allocation from the Kingdom Investment Foundation of Tucson. This grant is allocated to go toward the purchase of a new multi-passenger van to transport team members, especially those who drive the challenging roads into the mountains for the Mountain Ministry teams. This van will replace the…

Nov 21 2021

Teams are returning in 2022!!!!

With the last team having been whisked out of Honduras in March of 2020, we have not had any teams return due to the pandemic. The question we kept getting from the team members was “When can we go back to the hospital?” The time has arrived!!! If all goes as planned and if it’s…
July 2024