Team Leader

We are so pleased that you have made plans to lead a team to Hospital Socorro de lo Alto.

Please read the Team Leader Manual found by clicking the "Team Leader Manual" link. If you are not administrating the team yourself, make sure your team administrator receives a copy of the team leader manual as well.

The responsibility of leading a mission team is one that takes a person who understands people and purpose, as well as insight into the overall situation into which you are taking a team.

In these times, there are on-going changes and everyone must remain flexible and in communication with the Health Caring Services administration staff, as we will with you.

Please fill out the Team Leader Commitment form, providing the HCS Administration and the Hospital with the necessary information to support you in your leadership role. If, after you have submitted this form any information changes, it is important that you let the administration staff know immediately.

THANK YOU for everything you do and please contact us with any needs you have.