Team Leader

We are so pleased that you have made plans for and are preparing for a trip to the hospital.

Please read the Team Leader Manual found by clicking the " Team Leader Manual " link. If you are not administrating the team yourself, make sure your team administrator receives a copy of the team leader manual as well.

As TEAM LEADER it is your responsibility to confirm with all team members that their documents follow the stated guidelines before submission and that the application and documents are submitted and payment is made no later than team closing date which will be given to you.

Remember, NO person will be considered a team member until their application, required documents and payment are submitted by the due date. There will no exceptions due to the fact the hospital must submit your team information to proper Honduras officials within a specified time span for team permission to work in Honduras.

Itineraries are due at least 4 weeks before the team departure date. You will receive a detailed information sheet with your team due dates and required documents when your commitment form is received.