Nursing Graduation- A CELEBRATION for everyone!!!!

In December 2022, the nursing school in Sula, founded by our wonderful head of nursing at the hospital, Lic. Ana Garcia, R.N., graduated a new class of nurses.

Lic. Ana tells the story in her own words. It’s well worth the read, even though it is longer than a typical blog!!!!

“The second promotion graduated in December 2022, under the name of NOEMI SANTOS in gratitude to the administrative staff of the hospital Socorro de lo Alto, which gives us a practice space so that the students can develop. It was a very lively graduation since the nurses of the hospital love the celebrations. There was a lot of laughter.  It is wonderful to see the excitement that gives young women to achieve their goals, seeing them grow professionally makes each day obtain great value.  I have a nurse who before the course was dedicated to selling natural juices from house to house with her two children and after the course is already an auxiliary nurse working here in the hospital and in another private clinic to get her children ahead . She no longer walks from house to house selling, nor with the doubt that you may not be able to sell your product. Without a doubt, a great improvement. 

The graduates of our school are very well received in clinics around since they are the best. The graduates of our school are very well received in clinics around as they are the best prepared, so we have graduates in Viceroy, Azacualpa, La Flecha and Quimistan.  Currently, there are enrolled 18 students who would graduate in July next year.  Students perform a period of practice of 18 months, 10 shifts each month making a total of 180 shifts throughout the course.  In addition, they are added the wonderful opportunity to have fieldwork and know other places and work with American people who are quite kind to girls. They like those experiences very much, in these brigades the students contribute in data collection, taking vital signs and cleaning.”

How exciting is this!!!!! This school is changing the lives of not only the students but their families, their communities, the patients and everyone who sees them pursue and excel in their profession. They are an inspiration to all.

There is a retired nursing professor from Minnesota who comes with a team and works with the nursing students, taking them through the process a patient goes through to have surgery… pre-op, surgery and recovery. From what we have heard from the Hondurans, this is an experience that no other Honduran nursing students have.

In addition, teams include the nursing students on the mountain ministry teams where they are vital in their interaction with the people who come to be treated. They also participate in teaching moments, like the students who researched and created a poster to educate on sexually transmitted diseases.

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