COVID-19 and the Hospital: Update

Covid-19 has had a large impact on the Hospital Socorro de lo Alto, as well as the community and country of Honduras. Honduras, like the USA, went on lockdown, effectively stopping all travel in and out of the country. Our executive director was at the Hospital in March and it took her 2+ weeks before word of transport being available for her to leave the country. Due to this situation, all of our Spring teams were cancelled and, as time went on and more information was available, the decision to cancel the rest of the 2020 teams was made, 11 teams in all had to cancel.

But we are blessed!!! With most of the clinics and many of the hospitals in Honduras closed, we remain open and treating non-Covid-19 patients who are able to make it to the hospital. Over the years, donations of personal protective equipment (PPE) make it possible to treat those who do come for care, keeping the staff and patients protected. CDC protocols are followed and the Hospital staff has been very inventive in such ways as designing and installing Plexiglas shields for the anesthesia team during surgery and making face protection masks for those who are interfacing with patients.

At this time the emergency room is open 24/7 and emergency surgeries, such as C-sections, are being performed by Honduran doctors who come to the Hospital.

As of this writing, the Hospital Socorro de lo Alto and Health Caring Services are anticipating a return to full operation as soon as the country allows and the situation is safe for everyone. The American teams remain committed to returning to a full schedule starting January, 2021.