News from the Hospital

There are so many plans on the drawing board for the Hospital. A roofing team was to go in July, 2020 with all donated supplies, and put a much needed new, more energy efficient roof on the hospital. There are plans to renovate the clinic- additional exam rooms, an ophthalmology exam room, ENT exam room and 3 additional dental chairs in the dental clinic, adding a new operating room in the hospital surgical suite, and enlarging of the team house with additional bedrooms with baths and the expansion of the kitchen and seating for evening relaxation and activity space for our ever enlarging teams.

All of these plans are now on hold and will have to wait for the replenishing of the construction fund. With minimal income from patient care coming in, there may be a need to tap into the construction fund to meet the salaries of the employees (35) of the Hospital. It is the commitment of the Boards and the Hospital to keep everyone employed so that they will be able to provide for the most basic of their families’ needs.

We are confident that the LORD will provide all that will be needed in the future, allowing these plans to come to fruition. Stay tuned!!!!