Staff in Focus (January 2021)

Noemi Santos is the Administrator of the Hospital. In her own words, here is her story of her work and ministry.

I have been happy to belong to the staff of Hospital Socorro de lo Alto since the year 2000. Always before me in my work is the sole purpose of the Hospital which is serving the people who need it the most, providing health and spiritual services.

In 2000, I started in the accounting office where I dealt with hospital statistics, human resources matters, advertising for the teams coming and services offered, having medical personnel on the teams credentialed through the Honduran College of Medicine and working with the lawyers concerning the shipment of containers from the USA.  I remained in this position for 10 years, gaining knowledge of all areas of the Hospital from the business and personnel standpoint and how to support the medical ministry of the Hospital.

In September 2011, I was promoted to the position of Hospital Administrator with greater responsibilities. My previous position tremendously helps me in my new role.

(When Noemi left her accounting position, it was necessary to provide her with additional support and 3 more people had to be hired to do what she had been doing!)

I make every effort to continue the principles of administration to plan, organize, coordinate and supervise in order to achieve the goals of the Hospital, always trying to do things in the best way. One of the most helpful steps was the formation of the Hospital Committee which supports the functioning of the Hospital in all areas of patient care- hospital, clinical and surgical, knowing the Hospital’s strengths and weaknesses, and leading in making wise decisions for the benefit of the Hospital, always working in conjunction with our leaders in the USA.

Hospital Socorro de lo Alto exists thanks to GOD’s will and to the American Medical Brigades that arrive every month with their physicians and medical support teams to perform surgeries for people of scarce resources, as well as the donated surgical materials. In addition, our thanks to the American people who send their financial donations for this work.