January Teams Returned!

In January 2022, the 2 Wilson teams were able to return to Hospital Socorro de lo Alto for the first time in 2 years. It had been 2 years of no teams being able to go to the hospital. It was wonderful to be back with our dear friends at the hospital and the patients who come and trust us for care. As usual, we took orthopods and gynecologists both weeks and performed 114 surgical cases and saw over 300 patients in the clinic in the 2 weeks we were there.


It was humbling to see what an amazing job the staff at the hospital has done over the past 2 years of not having teams coming as they have kept the doors open, taken pay cuts, instituted policies and procedures that have kept the staff healthy and patients treated, all in a 3rd world country where resources and supplies are limited.

There were so many orthopedic patients who had life-changing surgeries, mostly total hips and knees, but also shoulder, foot, ankle and a tumor removal. One of our favorites was Daisy, who at age 34 had spent the past 13 years in a wheelchair, raising 3 children. She had bi-lateral total knees done at the same time, one surgeon on one side of the table and the other on the other side. By the end of the 2nd week, she was up walking with a walker and singing praises to GOD in the hallway! One day her husband brought his guitar and accompanied her.


The gynecology team was BUSY as well… lots of hysterectomies along with a C-section!!!! One day was spent in the mountains screening for cervical cancer with 10 women being treated with LEEP procedures to treat pre-cancerous cells. Cervical cancer is the #1 cancer causing death for women in Honduras.

Because of COVID we decided to stay on the hospital campus and have a Fiesta the last afternoon we were there. The hospital staff joined us, along with 4 wonderful Marimba-playing men, enticing some to dance, lessons in how to make tortillas, beans, and guacamole, plus delicious food was served, and vendors came who brought some Honduran wares.


They were exhausting, exhilarating, encouraging, humbling weeks where 63 people stepped out in courage and faith to head to Honduras to serve. We were so very blessed. Thank you to the staff at the hospital and to all the patients who came for care.  You are all in our hearts and prayers.